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Futuredeam: Theatre in the Cloud?

Theatre in the Cloud? session 5: Sunday 12th January 2014

Acting for Interactive with Mark Estdale: A practical session for interactive designers and actors. The session explores and gets under the hood of writing, design and acting for interactive media.

Mark Estdale is a leading voice director for video games.  In 1996 he founded OMUK a well known and pioneering  production company specialising in voice recording for games.  Mar…

Wonderbook: Book of Potions

For all Wonderbook, Pottermore and J.K. Rowling fans the release date for Wonderbook: Book of Potions is 31 December 2013.  The game was cast and recorded at OMUK. The fabulous Glen McCready and Emma Tate were selected for the roles and all the voice directors in the OMUK stable lent a hand: Jo Green, John Dower, Delyth Thomas and Mark Estdale. Engineers Juanma Delfin and Vicky Prentice took care of the recording.


Best Audio in a Game

Wonderbook: Book of Spells and Diggs Nightcrawler developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe – London Studio, and cast and recorded by the OMUK team are two of the five finalists for the TIGA 2013 Game Industry Awards: Best Audio in a Game. Congratulations to SCEE London and Diggs developer Moonbot for the nomination.  Best of luck!

The TIGA Games Industry Awards party will take place on November 6th 2013 at Pinewood Studio…

Mark Estdale – Speaking at Game Sound Con 2013 in Los Angeles

OMUK founder Mark Estdale is teaming up with Mike Csurics at this year’s Game Sound Con in Los Angeles for a special on empowering performance for voice recording in video games.

Sun Nov 03, 11:45-12:45
Advanced VO Capture
(Michael Csurics, Mark Estdale) The standard recording studio, recording software and recording methods were never designed for recording voice for games. You can hammer the round peg into the square hole but yo…

New Season’s Coffee

The new season’s coffee is here. If you ever wondered why Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee costs 100 times that of other coffees now is the time to experiment. Is it hype or does heaven have a price?

Here’s the rather long list of the latest coffees we’re roasting at omuk for our pleasure and to seduce visitors to the London studio. Come and enjoy!

Brazil Ipanema Yellow Icatu – A wonderful example of Speciali…

Mark Estdale speaking at Platform 2013

OMUK founder Mark Estdale is a guest speaker for the second year running at Platform 2013.  Mark’s session this year is on voice work in video games and focusses on methods developed to empower actors.

Recognise the picture?

Slow Club recorded “It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful” and this video with us. The old studio is gone but the picture remains.

MotoGP 13 Review

“MotoGP 13’s a lean, scrappy racer that’s not just the best motorbike game around at the moment – it’s one of the best pure motorsport experiences on console for years.” Concludes the review.

We worked with MotoGP commentator Gavin Emmett recording his commentary for the title. You can see an interview filmed at omuk with Gavin talking about working on the game:…