New Season’s Coffee

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The new season’s coffee is here. If you ever wondered why Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee costs 100 times that of other coffees now is the time to experiment. Is it hype or does heaven have a price?

Here’s the rather long list of the latest coffees we’re roasting at omuk for our pleasure and to seduce visitors to the London studio. Come and enjoy!

Brazil Ipanema Yellow Icatu – A wonderful example of Speciality grade Brazillian coffee, it has a chocolaty walnut/hazelnut flavour with a smooth mouthfeel.

China Washed Arabica Simao Huimin – This is a Grade One washed Arabica which is smooth, sweet coffee that suits a dark roast.

Costa Rica SHB EP Monte Plata  – Monte Plata is a small estate which is part of Coopedota. With the correct extraction characteristic Red Fruit flavour develops, with a slight acidity. Also subtle hints of cantaloupe or honeydew, plum, red berry jam, and a sweet spice in the finish.

Cuba Altura Lavado  – A very light and mellow coffee, slightly floral with a sweet finish.

Dominican Republic Barahona Paraiso – This has a rich, creamy body and low acidity are why many consider it to be the best coffee from the Dominican Republic.

El Salvador SHG – Mild, with good balance, medium body, sharp acidity and a hint of sweetness. The green beans are processed using the wet-process and grown under shade.

Ethiopian Sidamo – Prized for its good acidity and smooth, sweet flavour. It is an Arabica bean grown at high altitude which is great for all day drinking.

Guatemala El Cascajel Washed  – Medium roasted this excellent coffee is clean, lemony and sweet. Roast darker to bring in a hint of chocolate with orange tang.

Guatemalan SHB HueHueTenango  – From the north highland, exceptional with distinct fruity flavors…

Indian Arabica Plantation AA Pambadampara Estate  – A UTZ and RainForest Alliance certified coffee. A wonderful desert wine sweetness with hints of sweet pepper, coconut, subtle earth and cedar notes.

Indian Monsoon Malabar –  A pure Indian coffee, harvested post-monsoon to deliver a plump mature bean. When medium roasted produces a full palate with well rounded body and a strong hint of spice.

Indonesia Java Blawan  – An exceptional heavy bodied arabica of unique character. Displays a spicy tang, with a rich and nutty texture. Blend with mocha for distinctive popular brew.

Indonesia Torajah Kalosi G1 Lasuna Estate, South Sulawesi – Spicy and fruity with an excellent aroma.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Peaberry RSW – An amazing balance of aroma, body and acidity is the medley which makes Blue Mountain Coffee very special.

Malawi AB Plus Pawamba  – From the southern Thyolo district of Malawi. Medium bodied with caramel and green apple notes.

Mexico Altura Topacio  – Medium body with a light acidity.High grown in Southern Mexico. Delicate flavours with a clean crisp after taste. Full medium roast.

Nicaragua SHG EP Hacienda Sajonia  – Low acidity with an aroma of fruity apricot. Dark and smoky flavour with a hint of toasted coconut.

Papa New Guinea Y Grade Mountain Top  – An excellent Arabica from this region, produces a cup that is quite fruity and earthy in the cup. Performs better when dark roasted.

Peru MCM Grade 1  – The highest grade green coffee from Peru, features pronounced acidity, good body, intense and strong flavour.

Rwanda Fully Washed AA Inzovu AA  – Inzovu new crop – Sweet and clean, with a bright acidity and some floral notes.

Rwanda Gisuma – Red Bourbon Washed A high grown Bourbon that provides a complex cup, especially if medium roasted. Look out for grapefruit, blackcurrants, plums and damsons. Dark roasts will have slight chocolate notes.

Sumatra Jagong Village – Organic Semi Washed when roasted three quarters the way to second crack the taste is very heavy and full of rich sumptuous chocolate.

Sumatra Mandheling GR1 – Full bodied with a rich flavour and low acidity. Sumatra Arabica green coffee beans. Produces a full bodied brew with a rich flavour and low acidity.

Uganda Arabica Bulgisu AA – from the Bulgisu mountain region (obviously), will roast to full well into the second crack for rustic fruity tones.

Vietnam Arabica – Another one best enjoyed when roasted into second crack.