Yearly Archives: 2013

Voicespro voice competition

Six of the finalists from June’s voicespro competition to win a place on the Voice in Video Games workshop pose before they start their roller-coaster day at the sharp end of voice recording for games.  Congratulations to the June winner Bethan Dixon Bate – top left.

“The workshops are of immense value for the actors and a superb forum for us to work with actors wanting to break into the world of video games.  We ar…

RADA Students Workshop

omuk hosted Mark Estdale’s video game voice masterclass for RADA students.  Here one group are being introduced to Telltale Games’ Walking Dead. As well as exploring game play and looking at what the future of games will mean for actors, the students had opportunities to get on mic at the production sharp end. Time was also spent exploring casting and approaches to character work.

Great reception at GDC for Creative Dialogue Tools (CDT)

CDT got described as “the Holy Grail of game dialogue”. Not a bad start to GDC 2013. The tools don’t look sexy but what they do is orgasmic.  Of course we agree seeing we’ve invested almost 15 years in their development.

For those who don’t know, one thing they do is that they help transform the recording studio into a fluid creative space.  For performance to work context is everything; get it wrong and …

Studio Build – Day 2

Day 2 and all is going to plan.  Main structures are in and sealed, and studio diffusers are 2/3 in.  I guess today will be the most impressive as the main structure is up and taking shape. Day 3 will be wire and pipes as the AC, AV, audio, network and electricity all gets plumbed in and tested. Then we’ll be fine tuning the acoustics of the main studio space. We don’t want it to be just dead space as we’re aiming t…

New London recording studio build – Day 1

As Chaos on Deponia tops 79 on Metacritic the builders start our few days of our own chaos:  the build of our new studio.

We’ve been planning a studio revolution for over a decade and today it starts.  Like welcoming a child into the world it’s nerve wracking, exciting and all fingers are crossed in the hope that the results are going to be perfect.  For studio 2 we’ve broken away from traditional design to make a recordi…