We’re Hiring – Senior Game Dialogue Engineer – London

OMUK Voice Recording News Image

We currently have an exciting Senior Game Dialogue Engineer vacancy at the central London studios.

We’re looking a for a talented, creative and self-motivated game audio engineer, with software development skills to join us at the frontier of dialogue and performance capture production for video games.

We are a voice and face capture production company with one focus: to make performance content in games magnificent. Our raison d’être is in the belief that acting in games should at least equal the very best we find elsewhere on screen and stage. Everyone and everything at OMUK are tuned to this goal.

We are looking for someone who is passionate and curious, with wide interests and hungry to learn, explore and grow. We are looking for someone who aspires to delight in adventure at the frontiers of creativity who has a deep love and understanding of games and game development, and has the courage and ability to question status quos with wisdom.

We are a close collaborative and supportive multidisciplinary team of experts from different fields. We know that our strength lies in our diversity, our united drive and our support of one another.

Our applied expertise and interests encompass film, radio, music, theatre, games, art, writing, audio and electrical engineering, systems and software design, programming, acoustics, coffee roasting, cognitive linguistics, philosophy, physiology, swords, neuroscience, statistics, a healthy future for humanity and baking bread.

Duties and Responsibilities include:

Preparing creative and technical briefs for production, post production, mastering, QA and delivery

Preparing studios, assets, software and equipment to production specifications

Testing and verifying production specifications with clients

Ensuring production processes and delivery are complied with

Provide client technical liaison and delivery sign off

Participate at a high level with systems and software development

Contribute to studio and technical R&D, keeping abreast of trends and developments in the industry

Keeping up to date with and reporting on all technical and practice advances in performance capture, post production and mastering for video games

Ensuring technical maintenance of the recording studios, their equipment, software and computers

Recording dialogue in the studios and on location

Briefing and managing engineers and Quality Assurance staff that report to you during production

Oversee, develop, and document project pipelines and onboard new team members

Manage production audio teams, providing guidance, training and feedback on audio quality, consistency, and implementation.

Collaborate with creative and technical directors, and other key stakeholders in the development of the studios, services and production software

Qualifications and Experience

Professional level experience with ProTools, Reaper, Audition, iZotope, Nuendo

Comprehensive understanding and practical experience in every facet of game audio production, including experience with Wwise, Fmod, Unity and Unreal with at least 6 published titles.

Knowledgeable of and familiar with the use and care of Class A audio outboard, Neve, RME etc

Experience managing game dialogue production teams

Flexible, resourceful and enjoy the creative realities and the challenges of production.

Educated to degree level

Other useful experience:
Interest in project management and pipelines
A love and knowledge of video games
Component level expertise with PCs, Apple Computers, networking and Microsoft Software suites
Knowledge of more than one language
Programming skills