Superhero fun!

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We’re always delighted when the games we get dirty with are well received. Capes the debut game from Spitfire Interactive from Brisbane got a hearty 80 on both IGN and Checkpoint Gaming. Nice work guys! A superhero turn-based adventure that’s a “boisterous good time… Capes was a delight to play for the entire 30-odd-hour experience.” Thanks Charlie Kelly for the review.

We had a boisterous blast recording this with a fabulous cast. Hat’s off to everyone and thanks Morgan Jaffit and the Spitfire crew for trusting your baby with us. We had a seriously great time and wish everyone all the mook blasting best with this and future adventures.

William Roberts – Doctrine
Jay Rincon – Carlos
Harry Myers – Cruxus
Afolabi Alli – Facet
Christopher Ragland – Hyde
Dev Joshi – Rebound
Diana Bermudez – Ignis
Yasser Zadeh – Kinetic
Crystal Yu – Mercurial
Greg Jones – Crash Damage
Eric Meyers – Wildstar
Ashleigh Haddad – Grindstone
Glenn Wrage – Alpha
Rishi Manuel – Mindfire
Rachel Atkins – Seraph
Layna Sheppard – Various
Nicolette McKenzie – Primax
Radhika Aggarwal – Various
John Schwab – PMC
Joseph May – Agent
Wilson Benedito – Weathervane
Beth Adams – Civilian Female