To be honest, working with you  and this incredible cast was a life-changing experience. In the name of The Wild Gentlemen, I could say just one thing: We need to do a sequel!

Bank – A Wild Gentleman

OMUK have helped us bring the narrative elements of our games to the next level. Not only do they provide top quality VO services, but they’re also happy to help with scriptwriting and are a lovely group of people to work with.

Tom Beardsmore, Coatsink

We love to work with OMUK. They share our passion for games and good voice acting and keep pushing the boundaries. We did four big projects with them, are working on the fifth and there will be many more in the future.

Jan Theysen, KING Art 

The actors simply blew our minds and the solid work flow of the OMUK team made the VO production just enjoyable! I think the result speaks for itself.

David Wahlund, Fatshark

In recent speeches Angela Merkel uses the word “alternativlos” a lot which is the German way to say TINA. While it’s a poor adjective to vindicate bank bailouts, it’s the perfect term to describe our cooperation with OMUK: there’s simply no better choice if you want to localize story-driven games promptly with AAA quality and all of that in a cozy, personal atmosphere – Finding a place like that was a real blessing, especially if your source material contains a lot of German humor.

Jan “Poki” Müller-Michaelis, Daedalic 

Cutting to the chase – there is not a single file that hasn’t been delivered (31,131 files) Awesome work.The timely delivery schedule and excellent work rate and great results has saved us a few grey hairs this end and is much appreciated by us all here.

Jon Vincent, Ubisoft 

As experienced once before and as stated by many industry friends, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Victoria and Mark at OMUK. Casting, planning and everything else went totally smoothly, although our project surely wasn’t the easiest to handle. And when a slight problem occured due to a misunderstanding, the great people at OMUK immediately sorted it out in their client’s – meaning our – best interest. Would always come back and work with you again. And will!

Achim Heidelauf, Heathrun & Haemimont Games

Always a pleasure to record at OMUK. They developed a great recording system that minimizes context errors which unfortunately is still rare in the business. Great directing, always a good relationship to the actors and excellent coffee!

Tilman Schanen, Daedalic 

From my experience the great folks at OMUK turn the stress of a recording session into a pleasure! Great facilities and a unique approach to recording voices for games help focus on the performance and delivery. Everyone is professional and friendly, and the result is always first class quality!

Anthony Cardahi, Deep Silver

Talent and professionalism are the words that best describe OMUK. I would emphasize their dedicated inmersion in the game during pre-production, a detailed casting and an impeccable direction. Excellent final results tailor made for us and always open to changes and pickups taking deadlines into account. Amazing people.

Enric Costa, Nexus Studio 

We needed the best and we found it at OMUK. Not only for the great actors or the great recording system they developed… it’s about the total commitment to the project, the willing to help and the great direction they gave us. We will be back for sure.

Daniel Candil, A Crowd of Monsters