Performances that speak for themselves

OMUK - Performances that speak for themselves

We cast and record actors for games.

We are pioneers in voice and performance capture for video games. Our focus is making performance magnificent.

We are a collaborative casting and recording team that loves nothing more than pushing creative boundaries. Although our expertise extends beyond video games, we are gamers at heart. We are driven by the magical, evolving world of complex interactive storytelling.

We started in 1996 and have long passed our 1,000 productions milestone. The depth of our experience is at the heart of what we have to offer. We work with major developers and publishers on AAA titles, yet we are utterly committed to micro and indie development. We give our time to help indies with prototyping, and pitching and will provide no risk financing of production through the Indie Development Initiative. To find out more just contact us.

Voice Recording

OMUK - Voice Recording

If you play games, listen to the performances. You will quickly learn to hear how actors are recorded; as the methods used will either produce disconnect, or they will produce fluidity, nuance and life. What counts is knowing what to do, when, why and how.

We believe that creative synergy is the most important factor that leads to magic in performance. That synergy starts with the team but extends to the design of the creative space and the systems, software and methods used. We have spent decades honing the way we work to create what we think is something rather special.

Our aim is to produce great work and have fun doing it. We’re not interested in anything else. We are collaborators who dive deep, get dirty and win.

OMUK - Voice Recording

Casting & Directing

OMUK - Casting & Directing

We provide a comprehensive worldwide casting service. Including full SAG-AFTRA talent signatory services in the US.
To find out more about our casting see:

Voice casting includes database, self submissions and full ‘to script’ recorded sessions.

For facial capture, MOCAP, performance capture and model scanning, we shoot video, do HMC tests and provide POM stills.

We have an open submissions policy for actors and agents. We encourage agents and actors who want to find out about our work to email us at to organize a date and time to meet the casting team and experience the studios.

Our directing expertise for games is unparalleled. The directing team work on an average of 100 titles a year. They bring decades of liberating skill and experience to every production.

OMUK - Casting & Directing

Facial Capture

OMUK - Facial Capture

All studios are equipped with facial capture systems from Standard Deviation, Faceware and Dynamixys.

As standard we shoot at 60fps, with or without markers. Delivering as H.264 footage with production audio that will match exactly with any non face capture recordings.

Our service is fast, flexible and cost effective.

OMUK - Facial Capture

Post Production

OMUK - Post Production

We pride ourselves on delivering super-fast, accurate, efficient, hassle free and cost effective audio. We can handle millions of lines of dialogue in a year. To meet demand we have bullet proof pipelines and quality assurance that helps ease the workload of our clients. We save clients money, shave weeks, even months off their production schedules, all whilst guaranteeing the highest quality.

OMUK - Post Production

Method & Software Tools

OMUK - Method & Software Tools

We do all the standard recording stuff with ProTools, Reaper yada yada. But we do more.

Thanks to CD Projekt Red and The Witcher, we pioneered the Game Immersive Voice Recording (GIVR) method. A game-changing production approach that gives actors real-time audio visual context whilst recording. Game developers can experience the actor’s performance in game at the very point of creation. The benefits are multiple: – more connected performances – greater performance subtlety – detailed QA at source – reduced need for pickups – reduced costs – reduced stress – faster turnaround – more creative freedom and flexibility.

Software tools, known as Creative Dialogue Tools (CDT) drive GIVR in the studio. They are a suite that supports the full dialogue pipeline from pre-production through recording, editing, mastering and QA to final integration. CDT are available for clients and anyone interested through our private beta programme. Please get in touch if you want to find out more about CDT & GIVR.


OMUK - Localisation

Our localisation process is driven by the same creative focus and core values that apply to all our services. Our Creative Localisation Tools (CLT) reflect our ‘Game Immersive’ philosophy, enabling fully context driven translation and recording for all languages.

“You managed to make the impossible possible: a German adventure game that’s better in English than in German. Thank you!” Matt Kempke: Writer and Game Director – Daedalic Entertainment – Night of the Rabbit

With over 20 years experience in all major languages, your game will never get lost in translation.

Consultancy & Training

OMUK - Consultancy & Training

Our vision is to enable extraordinary performances in games. Our ethos is we share what we learn.

We have had the rare and wonderful privileged of working on over 1,000 productions over 23 years alongside extraordinary creative people and teams from all over the world. Every day for us is a day of discovery and learning, of questioning and experimenting.

Lead by our founder: Mark Estdale, the workshops, round-tables, masterclasses, conference sessions, Dev Nights, and Meetups are us giving back to developers, actors and fellow creators, sharing ideas and the lessons learned as we continue our greater journey.

Mark also provide specialist video game acting development training for three of the world’s most renowned drama schools: RADA, LAMDA and The Drama Centre.

OMUK - Consultancy & Training

Swords, Coffee & Bread

OMUK - Swords, Coffee & Bread

Life is precious and to be enjoyed. Visit the London studios and you can’t fail to miss the ‘armoury’ of over 100 swords. A passion we have and share for play. Rapiers, Long Swords, Short Swords, Bastard Swords, Cutlasses, Epees, Foils, Basket Hilts from tang to foible. Kit Harrington just had to pick one to wield when recording Game of Thrones :)

You won’t miss the smell of roasting coffee and baking bread either.

We are a renowned coffee lovers’ hangout and for good reason. We have our own roastery. Every day starts with a roast and tasting. It’s another passion, shared and enjoyed. Choose from a selection of over fifty single estate green beans from the world’s finest coffee growing regions but be warned, like tasting a great wine, once sampled there’s no going back to mediocrity… Likewise the bread. We bake every day. Then there’s the whisky and table tennis…. Why not?
Life is too short.

OMUK - Swords, Coffee & Bread