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Black Lives Matter Matters

So you know where we stand. Trump stated that the black live matter movement was “treason, sedition, insurrection”. We say bring it on. Defending, sustaining and profiting from what is human injustice is unacceptable to us. We choose to be accountable and proactive in supporting positive change.

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COVID-19 Action

At OM we have taken Covid-19 action and have chosen to work in isolation for the health and safety of all. BUT we are still providing full production casting and recording services.

We are sending all actors in isolation professional recording equipment and are giving them training so they can record from home to help sustain creative wonderfulness in these crazy times.

Please email us to find out more. Keep safe and keep creative.

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Here comes the Rain

It’s been a busy few weeks at OM towers.

Congratulations to Daedalic for the release of the much awaited ‘A Year of Rain’! A dynamic RTS game that throws you into a fantasy skirmish of epic proportions.

Reviews are in for Felix the Reaper, the fabulous 3D puzzler from Kong Orange and Daedalic, recorded at Vault 501. Available on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, who wouldn’t love a dancing rom-com about death?

9/10 “The developers at Kong Orange have successfully danced their way into our hearts” – Gamespace

8/10 “A breath of fresh air” – GameReactor

“A tender Puzzle game about gruesome deaths” – Kotaku

4/5 “One of the best puzzlers of 2019” Hardcore Gamer

Congratulations to the ace devs at Illusion Ray Studios for the release of their survival horror game The Beast Inside, recorded at OM London. Check out The Beast Inside on Steam

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October at OM

Congratulations to Blue Byte and Bloober on their 2019 Golden Joystick Awards nominations!
OM London had the pleasure of recording two of the outstanding nominees, Anno 1800 for PC Game of the Year and Blair Witch for Xbox Game of the Year. Cast your votes now!

October also saw the release for Frozenbyte’s greatly anticipated Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. The iconic side-scrolling puzzle platformer follows Amadeus, Pontius and Zoya on their epic quest to retrieve Prince Selius. Released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“The biggest and best Trine yet” – Eurogamer

Every Trine game has been recorded at OM and it’s been an incredible journey with the most talented developers. We can’t wait to see what our friends at Frozenbyte do next.

Check back in soon for more production news.

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Meet us at Gamescom 2019

Mark and Megan will be joining the masses to do the usual business catch-ups, to play and be awed. So, if you’re going and have exciting stuff to share, please do get in touch with us, We’d love to make the time to meet you.

We are particularly into interesting stories, narrative, characters and gnarly performance challenges. And of course, we are sharing news about OM voice recording, face capture and the Los Angeles studios as well as a fine cold Kölsch or three.

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Mark Estdale at “Get Your Game On” Event and Workshop Weekend!

Mark will be delivering both talks and workshops at the upcoming Voice Over Network Event “Get Your Game On” in April.

Mark will be working alongside Victoria Atkin, Andrea Toyias and Stephane Cornicard to promote excellence in acting and performance for video games.

The event will take place on Friday 26th April 2019 and will be followed by a weekend on intense workshops on a variety of subjects within the discipline.

To lean more and to book your tickets please visit the VON website

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OM Attending GDC 2019

The team will be jetting off to San Francisco in March to attend GDC 2019. Mark, Meg and Alex will be there from the 20th-22nd and available for meetings, drinks and general pleasantness. If you’d like to meet up and chat or are open to one of the team pitching our own spicy brand of awesomeness to you please drop us an email at, tweet us at @omuk_london or send us an invite in the meeting system. We’d be thrilled to meet you!

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Welcome Sasha!

A big OM welcome to Sasha James our new Production Assistant! Sasha joins our band of merry misfits after 10 long years in the book industry, so its pretty safe to say she loves stories as much as us!

Sasha will be assisting the team across many projects so expect to see her popping up everywhere and generally being very helpful.

Learn more about the OM team here

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OM casting article part two now on

The eagerly awaited part two of Mark’s “Thoughts on casting” article is now live on 

Mark really gets down to the nitty gritty in this article. Outlining all the important steps developers should take to get that perfect actor cast in their game. Everything from casting to character briefs and what to look for in self tapes and auditions, Mark has you covered.

Mark also shares OM’s marking matrix which we use during casting to help us remember those really standout actors and track those who really improve.

You can read the full article here.