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“…one of the most charming, grounded lead female performances in gaming to date.”

After Chicken Police ended 2020 with a review stating “PERHAPS THE VIDEOGAME VOICE WORK OF THE YEAR.” We’re dancing into 2021 with The Medium getting a flood of accolades for the performances. And we utterly adore the paradox of ‘the most charming, grounded lead female‘ – for a horror game.

Great reviews that recognise our contribution to a game are always received with joy. However, our work in casting, directing and recording is always a collaboration with the developer. Without the vision, without great writing and without the dedication of the development team our work would be all for nothing. So a huge hats off to Bloober Team for being visionary and dedicated to the core.

Quotes from some of the reviews:

The Gamer: The heroine is a beacon of light in The Medium’s dark landscapes, as her sarcastic asides and cheeky observations lend a glib joy to what’s otherwise an upsetting experience. She’s a realistic depiction of trauma in that she has a personality beyond being hurt, and her use of meds to cope with that hurt is never presented in a way that stigmatizes mental illness. Marianne’s actress, Kelly Burke, is put in a position where her performance could make or break the game, as so much of the script’s weight is placed on being endeared to her character. She nails it, though, and sells Marianne with one of the most charming, grounded lead female performances in gaming to date.

Worth Playing: The voice acting is excellent, but Kelly Burke’s performance as Marianne is stellar.

IGN: While I certainly enjoyed the strong performances from Marianne and the small supporting cast (both human and spiritual) it’s Troy Baker’s uncharacteristic and entirely unsettling turn as The Medium’s chief antagonist that really steals the show.

Game Grin: The vocal performances are equally impressive, with the whole cast doing an admirable job of imbuing their lines with the kind of emotional gravitas the story needs. Kelly Burke captures Marianne’s slowly crumbling mental state perfectly, starting off stoic and self-deprecating but becoming increasingly desperate and weary as the story continues. Troy Baker steps outside his everyman comfort zone to deliver a squirm-inducing performance as The Maw (the game’s main antagonist) and even the supporting cast of characters are voiced well (especially Sadness, a young girl Marianne spends much of the game interacting with).

BBC: The Medium’s dialogue is a strong point. The voice acting is superb all the way through from Marianne’s monologues to the short audio clips that give life to ghostly characters. One performance that clearly stands out is The Last of Us’ Troy Baker as the terrifying villain The Maw.

Game Spot: I’m not sure what well of horrific creativity that Troy Baker found in order to inform his performance, but we must ensure he never finds it again–he does way too good a job of making The Maw sound creepy as hell. I’m not even really sure how to describe the voice; it’s as if a toddler that’s struggling for air is cooing in your ear about being a serial killer. You just feel unclean listening to it. The Maw is a deeply unsettling antagonist, made all the more so because you go a great deal of the game not knowing why it wants to be inside you, but knowing that it can appear at almost any time.

We are deeply grateful to all.

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We’re Hiring – Creative Production Manager & Casting Assistant – Applications now closed.

We want to thank everyone who applied for applying! You were an amazing bunch of talented and passionate people. It was tough shortlisting and selecting as there were so many truly great applicants. We wish we could have hired more of you!


We found two creative, bold, free thinking, curious, and talented individuals to join us in changing the videogaming world, one word at a time.

We’re a casting and voice recording team that is utterly dedicated to making performance in games extraordinary.

We are small, independent and collaborative. We focus on working with experimental and pioneering game developers who have strong stories to tell. Our expertise in casting and recording actors for games is unrivalled. 24 years, 1,000+ titles provide us with deep data that underpins every ounce of what we offer.

Collaboration for us means getting dirty together along with developers. It’s being innovative, breaking rules, questioning and having ideas. It’s being utterly honest at the same time as being completely supportive. We don’t take anything for granted.

We want our brains alive and engaged together. In practical terms, we think of all ‘status quos’ as potential black holes that may stifle creativity as they tend towards making compliant followers instead of shapers and leaders. We sometimes get labelled as maverick outsiders but that is the price of being independent and innovating. We’re proud of it. Our work speaks for itself.

Come join us if you love adventure.

Production Manager (London, UK)

Wanted: An experienced, supremely well organised and creative herder of cats. The cats are mostly wild and come in the form of actors, writers, directors, producers, audio lunatics, people who like shooting people and game designers.

Your job is simple: juggle them all, love them all and make magic happen. Your world is bringing words to life which will involve hunting down actors and sometimes changing the words to improve the lives they create.

Skills required: Great management, communication and negotiation skills, and a ruthless attention to detail. You’ll hopefully have a deep love of videogames, game developers, scripts, actors and all things performance. You have proven mastery of the English language and a high skill level with Excel, PCs, Slack and Google.

To find out more and to apply send your CV/Resume to with the subject ‘Job Application – Production Manager’ – Good luck!

Casting Assistant (London, UK)

Joining in and supporting the above. This role is an entry level position. You’ll help with preparing and writing casting briefs, organising casting submissions and casting sessions. You’ll help with QA and script management, with maintaining the actors’ database, and liaising with agents and clients.

You’ll be self motivated, able to take initiative and know how to use Windows and Office, especially Excel. You’ll be at home with the Google suite and have strong writing skills. You’ll be well organised, articulate and flexible. You’ll love video games, film, theatre, and actors.

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Perhaps the videogame voice work of the year.

Clucking Chicken Police are on a roll… The idea, then the writing is where the magic lies and that credit goes to Balint Bank Varga and The Wild Gentlemen. The task of casting, recording and directing was our contribution. Mark Estdale discovered the game on the indie floor at Reboot Blue and helped the developer on the journey from dream, to publisher, to here. We’re very proud of the results.

” it’s perhaps the videogame voice work of the year.” fingerguns
“Superbly voice acted” TheXboxHub
“remarkable voice acting” Forbes
“… honestly. This shit is fantastic. ” Player2
“Exquisite voice acting.” GamingBoulevard
“brilliantly voiced” BonusStage
“The voiceacting is just superb.”

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Black Lives Matter Matters

So you know where we stand. Trump stated that the black live matter movement was “treason, sedition, insurrection”. We say bring it on. Defending, sustaining and profiting from what is human injustice is unacceptable to us. We choose to be accountable and proactive in supporting positive change.

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COVID-19 Action

At OM we have taken Covid-19 action and have chosen to work in isolation for the health and safety of all. BUT we are still providing full production casting and recording services.

We are sending all actors in isolation professional recording equipment and are giving them training so they can record from home to help sustain creative wonderfulness in these crazy times.

Please email us to find out more. Keep safe and keep creative.

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Here comes the Rain

It’s been a busy few weeks at OM towers.

Congratulations to Daedalic for the release of the much awaited ‘A Year of Rain’! A dynamic RTS game that throws you into a fantasy skirmish of epic proportions.

Reviews are in for Felix the Reaper, the fabulous 3D puzzler from Kong Orange and Daedalic, recorded at Vault 501. Available on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, who wouldn’t love a dancing rom-com about death?

9/10 “The developers at Kong Orange have successfully danced their way into our hearts” – Gamespace

8/10 “A breath of fresh air” – GameReactor

“A tender Puzzle game about gruesome deaths” – Kotaku

4/5 “One of the best puzzlers of 2019” Hardcore Gamer

Congratulations to the ace devs at Illusion Ray Studios for the release of their survival horror game The Beast Inside, recorded at OM London. Check out The Beast Inside on Steam

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October at OM

Congratulations to Blue Byte and Bloober on their 2019 Golden Joystick Awards nominations!
OM London had the pleasure of recording two of the outstanding nominees, Anno 1800 for PC Game of the Year and Blair Witch for Xbox Game of the Year. Cast your votes now!

October also saw the release for Frozenbyte’s greatly anticipated Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. The iconic side-scrolling puzzle platformer follows Amadeus, Pontius and Zoya on their epic quest to retrieve Prince Selius. Released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“The biggest and best Trine yet” – Eurogamer

Every Trine game has been recorded at OM and it’s been an incredible journey with the most talented developers. We can’t wait to see what our friends at Frozenbyte do next.

Check back in soon for more production news.

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Meet us at Gamescom 2019

Mark and Megan will be joining the masses to do the usual business catch-ups, to play and be awed. So, if you’re going and have exciting stuff to share, please do get in touch with us, We’d love to make the time to meet you.

We are particularly into interesting stories, narrative, characters and gnarly performance challenges. And of course, we are sharing news about OM voice recording, face capture and the Los Angeles studios as well as a fine cold Kölsch or three.

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Mark Estdale at “Get Your Game On” Event and Workshop Weekend!

Mark will be delivering both talks and workshops at the upcoming Voice Over Network Event “Get Your Game On” in April.

Mark will be working alongside Victoria Atkin, Andrea Toyias and Stephane Cornicard to promote excellence in acting and performance for video games.

The event will take place on Friday 26th April 2019 and will be followed by a weekend on intense workshops on a variety of subjects within the discipline.

To lean more and to book your tickets please visit the VON website

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OM Attending GDC 2019

The team will be jetting off to San Francisco in March to attend GDC 2019. Mark, Meg and Alex will be there from the 20th-22nd and available for meetings, drinks and general pleasantness. If you’d like to meet up and chat or are open to one of the team pitching our own spicy brand of awesomeness to you please drop us an email at, tweet us at @omuk_london or send us an invite in the meeting system. We’d be thrilled to meet you!