Here comes the Rain

OMUK Voice Recording News Image

It’s been a busy few weeks at OM towers.

Congratulations to Daedalic for the release of the much awaited ‘A Year of Rain’! A dynamic RTS game that throws you into a fantasy skirmish of epic proportions.

Reviews are in for Felix the Reaper, the fabulous 3D puzzler from Kong Orange and Daedalic, recorded at Vault 501. Available on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, who wouldn’t love a dancing rom-com about death?

9/10 “The developers at Kong Orange have successfully danced their way into our hearts” – Gamespace

8/10 “A breath of fresh air” – GameReactor

“A tender Puzzle game about gruesome deaths” – Kotaku

4/5 “One of the best puzzlers of 2019” Hardcore Gamer

Congratulations to the ace devs at Illusion Ray Studios for the release of their survival horror game The Beast Inside, recorded at OM London. Check out The Beast Inside on Steam