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Chaos on Deponia – “The voice-acting is superb”

A big hats off to the developer, cast and crew.  Another OMUK job well done.
Here’s a few more words from the web:  "The humour is fresh, and strongly delivered by a great cast of voice actors." 
"…great cast of voice actors."   "…the voice acting is terrific."

Go check out the game: Official Site or go buy it on Steam

Funny studio moment. Nathaniel Parker cracks up in session.

As a great session with Nathaniel Parker gets to the last line, he cracks.  Mark started the camera about 5 minutes in.  By the end we were all in tears and delighted that Nat was happy to share this with the world at large. Support it on youtube: 

Casting Directors panel at RADA

Thursday 8 Nov 2012.  Casting directors Joyce Nettles and Jeremy Zimmermann join with Mark Estdale for a special panel on casting for 3rd year students at RADA.

It has been a long standing omuk goal to encourage the leading drama schools to take voice acting for video games seriously. Young talent is always needed in games yet the skills required to perform well are frequently either missing or misunderstood.¬†Opening a dialogue with t…