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Chaos on Deponia – “The voice-acting is superb”

A big hats off to the developer, cast and crew.  Another OMUK job well done.
Here’s a few more words from the web:  "The humour is fresh, and strongly delivered by a great cast of voice actors." 
"…great cast of voice actors."   "…the voice acting is terrific."

Go check out the game: Official Site or go buy it on Steam

Funny studio moment. Nathaniel Parker cracks up in session.

As a great session with Nathaniel Parker gets to the last line, he cracks.  Mark started the camera about 5 minutes in.  By the end we were all in tears and delighted that Nat was happy to share this with the world at large. Support it on youtube: 

Casting Directors panel at RADA

Thursday 8 Nov 2012.  Casting directors Joyce Nettles and Jeremy Zimmermann join with Mark Estdale for a special panel on casting for 3rd year students at RADA.

It has been a long standing omuk goal to encourage the leading drama schools to take voice acting for video games seriously. Young talent is always needed in games yet the skills required to perform well are frequently either missing or misunderstood. Opening a dialogue with t…

Celery, swords and Super Saturday

Super Saturday’s magnificent Team GB Olympic gold rush was preceded by a completely unrelated talk at the Royal Armouries by OMUK’s Mark Estdale on sound design and the sounds of war in video games.

Contrasting realism and sound for dramatic impact Mark took the audience on a sonic journey dipping into the Foley artist’s arsenal and torturing the audience with the sound of celery and demonstrating the po…

“Fantastic writing and voice acting”

"Deponia’s tale of love, loss, and all-out comedy is a beautifully constructed piece of point-and-click heaven."  "Fantastic writing and voice acting" Writes Gamespot’s  Mark Walton.

Here is Mark’s video review of Deponia, the latest point and click adventure to get the OM treatment.

Develop-online AUDIO SPECIAL: Adding voices to RuneScape

MMORPGs were slower to adopt voice than other game genres. However, advances in technology and bandwith are increasingly helping to make voice in online games the norm. Jagex recently teamed up with dialogue specialists OM to put the first voices to quests in their flagship MMORPG, RuneScape. Jagex Audio Director Stephen Lord (right) and Mark Estdale (left) of OM talk over the issues involved.




Develop Awards Finalist 2012

We’re proud to have been selected as finalist for the 2012 Develop Award for Audio Outsourcer. This is a much valued acknowledgement of the passion, vision and commitment of a great team. Thanks to everyone who’ve trusted their games to us and thanks to the amazing army of fabulous actors who make our work a joy and throw themselves wholeheartedly and continually into the creative maelstrom.  

London 2012 Comic Con

Mark Estdale’s joining the Jagex team on 27 May at 11:00 at the London 2012 Comic Con for a rather exciting hands-on panel session all about voice and RuneScape.