Voice Over Recording Masterclass at Ludicious Zurich

OMUK Voice Recording News Image

Our Founder Mark Estdale will be delivering a brand new voice over workshop at Ludicious Game Festival on Thursday 31st January.

Mark’s session will be tailored to the needs of the audience and will be an immersive practical hands on workshop focusing on voice recording and best practice for games. From script to casting methods, to recording and post production Mark will be available to poke and prod about anything VO.

The session will also introduce the logic and philosophy behind the power of OM’s Creative Dialogue Tools and the Game Immersive Voice Recording method. Which focuses on instinctive and immersive performance, taking game VO to the next level.

About Ludicious

Ludicious is a distinctive game developer event in Zurich, Switzerland happening 31st Jan – 3rd Feb 2019. It’s focused on the arts and crafts of game development, where game design and business meet.

They work to support small & midsize developers connecting with the broader industry, and create event formats which bring developers from all domains of game development together on eye level.

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