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GameCulture Goes Inside the Voice Actor’s Studio

Mark Estdale does a candid Q&A with John Keefer for Game See also The Escapist: Developers need to cast actors sooner.


Mark Estdale: "From my experience the teams that produce good voice work are simply those lead by senior decision makers who are passionate about, and understand the power of voice (and audio) and they factor into their schedules and their budgets what is needed to facilitate results….

Voicing concerns: the problem with video game acting.

Mark Estdale was interviewed along with Side’s Andy Emery and David Sobolov by Keith Stewart for the Guardian Gamesblog.

"Mark Estdale, director at casting and voice recording agency, Outsource Media, has been working for ten years on a system to provide voice over actors with a quick-n-dirty frame of reference for their characterisations.

"What the actor needs is something at the point of performance that they ca…