Mark Estdale


I founded OM in 1996, in truth to be a freelance director and audio engineer so I could spend more time with my children. I built a recording studio next to my then home in Pannal, Yorkshire. That was the start. OM grew with my kids into adulthood. OM now, 21 years on, comprises three studios in London and one in Los Angeles. As OM goes from strength to strength, run by Juanma and Vic in the UK and Trine in the US, I'm set free to concentrate more on my pet R&D projects: CDT and the GIVR methodology for game dialogue recording. Plus I'm getting deeper into dialogue consultation and training with developers and publishers. Because of the R&D I'm also doing more game focused professional development work with actors. For 10 years I've been working with The Drama Centre, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and now with LAMDA providing professional development coaching. On a personal side I'm into sustainability, the environment, collecting swords, comedy and modifying Triumph motorcycles. I'm a Ukie Video Game Ambassador (VGA) and love being a BAFTA Guru. Goes with the grey hair I guess!

OMUK Team Member: Mark Estdale

Juan Manuel Delfin

Company Director

Hola! I've been a Londoner since 2005, I moved here from my hometown of Barcelona, where I worked in film dubbing and sound design. I came to London to work with film ADR but I found out, and was intrigued by the work OM were doing with games. I responded to a job ad and joined the OM team as a freelance engineer in 2008. After three years I moved into production and studio management and in 2013 I was appointed Director of OM with responsibility for the London studios. I still get to follow my audio heart, engineering, doing ADR and other audio magic. When not cycling and running I am perfecting my considerable coffee roasting and making skills. I get the OM crown for best coffee maker. Table tennis will come next.

OMUK Team Member: Juan Manuel Delfin

Victoria Prentice (Vic)

Studio Manager

An award winning sound designer, Vic joined OM in 2012 as an audio engineer and dialogue editor. As an avid gamer she was eager to get stuck in to all aspects of video game voice production and quickly rose to become Studio Manager. She now also handles casting, production management and has served as voice director on several games. Vic is also a Ukie Video Games Ambassador, an initiative that helps young people to pursue a career in the games industry.

OMUK Team Member: Victoria Prentice (Vic)

Ben Hickman

Lead Programmer

Ben joined OM in 2012 to work on the development of Creative Dialogue Tools (CDT). His background is in statistics (he was rescued from a life as a government number-cruncher) and his work on CDT and pipeline analysis put his knowledge of data to good use. As Tools Programmer he spends his time making the tech that brings GIVR to life. He is also our main facial capture video editor. When not in the studio Ben is busy juggling being a Dad of two young boys and running his own Social Research Company. In his (little) spare time he likes watching sport, playing poker and sleeping. But mainly sleeping!

OMUK Team Member: Ben Hickman

Jo Rapson


Jo joined OMUK in 2011 and has a magic touch and a big whip. We love her.

OMUK Team Member: Jo Rapson

Marta Daudin

Dialogue Editor

OMUK Team Member: Marta Daudin