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Transforming performance in games one word at a time.

  • "An absolute pleasure to work with... would always come back and work with you again. And will!"

    Achim Heidelauf, Heathrun & Haemimont Games

  • "Thank you for the care and drive that was so palpable every moment we worked together. It truly was an amazing experience, and definitely one of the highlights of the entire project... You can sense the heart behind every line, the care and the nuance. You’ve brought this story to life in a manner I had only imagined. And… the thing I personally value the most: I felt there was a creative click right from the get-go, and up until the wrap up, and that’s rare thing worth cherishing."

    Rob GilesRitter - Deamarians

  • "It's a great blessing to be partnered with you. Thank you once more for your support and dedication, working with you and your team is a blast."

    Alexandra Andreeva - Atomic Heart

  • "It was an honor to work with Mark and his team! Professional work from the very best."

    Varga Bálint Bánk - The Wild Gentlemen

  • "Thank you for all the problem solving and quality work through the years."

    Dan Connors, Co-Founder - Telltale Games

  • "We needed the best and we found it at OM. Total commitment to the project, willingness to help and great direction."

    Daniel Candil, A Crowd of Monsters

  • "The actors simply blow our minds and the solid work flow of the OM team made the VO production just enjoyable!"

    David Wahlund, Fatshark

  • "There's simply no better choice if you want to localize story-driven games promptly with AAA quality and all of that in a cozy, personal atmosphere"

    Jan "Poki" Müller-Michaelis, Daedalic Entertainment

  • "We love to work with OM. They share our passion for games and good voice acting and keep pushing the boundaries."

    Jan Theysen, KING Art Games

  • "A studio highly committed to your project’s individual needs and wishes."

    Kevin Mentz, Daedalic Entertainment

  • "To be honest, working with you and this incredible cast, was a life-changing experience. In the name of The Wild Gentlemen, I could say just one thing: We need to do a sequel!"

    Varga Bálint Bánk

  • "The best English language video game recordings you'll get. Fantastic technology, superb team, stellar actors."

    Martin Ganteföhr - Writer - gantefoehr.com

  • "You managed to make the impossible possible: a German adventure game that's better in English than in German. Thank you!"

    Matthias Kempke - writer & narrative designer

  • "Thank you Mark. Congrats and big THANKS to you and your team - you helped us shape this crazy game. What a ride it was and you should be really proud of yourself. It’s an honor and a privilege to work with you!"

    Bloober Team

  • "OM have helped us bring the narrative elements of our games to the next level."

    Tom Beardsmore, Coatsink Software

  • OMUK Voice Recording News

    Time for Change

    by Mark Estdale

    Anyone who has visited the studios at OMUK will have encountered the armoury of swords and guns. A collection built up over 30 years for actor training, props and sound design.  In developing the collection, I took time to study their evolution and learned to be proficient in their designed use. As a member of the Society for the Study of Swordsmanship I ended up duellin…

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    Perhaps the videogame voice work of the year.

    Clucking Chicken Police are on a roll… The idea, then the writing is where the magic lies and that credit goes to Balint Bank Varga and The Wild Gentlemen. The task of casting, recording and directing was our contribution. Mark Estdale discovered the game on the indie floor at Reboot Blue and helped the developer on the journey from dream, to publisher, to here. We’re very proud of the results.

    ” it’s perhap…

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    Character Nuance Workshops start 11 June

    We’re delighted to announce that the Performance Capture building will be opening it’s doors with a series of weekly workshops on the craft of deepening character performance lead by Alan Marriott and Mark Estdale The evening workshops run for six weeks and start June 11th at 7pm. To find out more and get tickets go to TicketTaylor. buytickets.at/markestdale/1277618

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    Superhero fun!

    We’re always delighted when the games we get dirty with are well received. Capes the debut game from Spitfire Interactive from Brisbane got a hearty 80 on both IGN and Checkpoint Gaming. Nice work guys! A superhero turn-based adventure that’s a “boisterous good time… Capes was a delight to play for the entire 30-odd-hour experience.” Thanks Charlie Kelly for the review.

    We had a boisterous blast record…

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    Best German Game 2023

    Last week the mimimi game “Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew” won the German Developer Awards Best Game of the Year 2023. It also won Best Audio Design and Best Graphics. It is actually the ultimate going out with a bang moment for the mimimi team as they chose to disband, relax and take stock before any new ventures rise phoenix like from the fire.

    We’ve had a long history working with the mimimi team, providing En…

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    Horizon Forbidden West

    It’s always a delight to get down and dirty with driven visionaries. Guerrilla Games are such a team. The way they’ve pulled out the stops to make this sequel shine is testament to their utter dedication to not compromise even under under the most trying of circumstances.

    We’re deeply proud of our involvement casting, voice recording and face capturing the magic. It is always a dream come true when developers ha…