The home of game immersive voice recording

Video game voice recording specialists with studios in London and Los Angeles.

Two of the London studios are a few minutes’ walk from either Kings Cross or Russell Square Underground stations and one is close to Holborn. The LA Studio is in Santa Monica.

  • "An absolute pleasure to work with... would always come back and work with you again. And will!"

    Achim Heidelauf, Heathrun & Haemimont Games

  • "OMUK turn the stress of recording into a pleasure! Great facilities and a unique approach to recording voices for games help focus on performance and delivery."

    Anthony Cardahi, Deep Silver

  • "We needed the best and we found it at OMUK. Total commitment to the project, willingness to help and great direction."

    Daniel Candil, A Crowd of Monsters

  • "The actors simply blow our minds and the solid work flow of the OMUK team made the VO production just enjoyable!"

    David Wahlund, Fatshark

  • "There's simply no better choice if you want to localize story-driven games promptly with AAA quality and all of that in a cozy, personal atmosphere"

    Jan "Poki" Müller-Michaelis, Daedalic Entertainment

  • "We love to work with OMUK. They share our passion for games and good voice acting and keep pushing the boundaries."

    Jan Theysen, KING Art Games

  • "A studio highly committed to your project’s individual needs and wishes."

    Kevin Mentz, Daedalic Entertainment

  • "OMUK have helped us bring the narrative elements of our games to the next level."

    Tom Beardsmore, Coatsink Software

  • OMUK Voice Recording News

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Over the years we’ve cast and recorded voices for many iconic games. Horizon Zero Dawn is our latest venture. For any title, casting the actors to bring the developer’s creations to life is one of the greatest challenges and pleasures of our work at OM. When a developer connects with the actor and the actor with the developer there is a magic that happens which enriches the process of creation and the experience of the player. …

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    We’re in Los Angeles

    We’re delighted to announce that we have opened our first studio in Los Angeles. The studio known as ‘Vault 501‘ is five blocks from the Santa Monica beach.

    Vault 501 is the first Game Immersive Voice Recording (GIVR) facility in North America and as such it is a showcase space for both GIVR and Creative Dialogue Tools. CDT is the software that enables the GIVR methodology.

    Vault 501 has an open door policy. G…

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    See (and hear) the new Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

    The first gameplay walkthrough of Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter has been released. This is the eighth in the game series created by Frogwares. Take a look. Pleased to say it was all recorded at our studios!

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    BAFTA Guru live Weekend

    Saturday,  30 April, 14:15,  As part of the BAFTA Guru live weekend OMUK’s Mark Estdale joins Will Freeman, Delyth Thomas, Oliver Hollis and John Dower in the David Lean Room, BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LN  to “unpick the process of capturing human performance for games, exploring directing, motion capture, voice r…

    OMUK Voice Recording News

    OMUK at EGX Rezzed

    The Ukie Careers Bar is returning to EGX Rezzed this week and OMUK Studio Manager Victoria Prentice will be on hand alongside other Video Games Ambassadors to give one-to-one advice to anyone who wants a career in games.

    The talks and careers sessions are run on a walk-in basis and are open to all looking for advice straight from the horse’s mouth (no offence Vic!) on how to gain a successful and lasting career in games. Victoria wi…

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    These are the photo's from our VOND event with Dave Fennoy at Century Members Club in Central London. It was a fantastic evening talking about how to 'Nail your Video Game Audition'. It was an event for voice actors, agents, producers and casting directors. Dave gave a brilliant talk about how to book more video games through auditions. Then Mark Estdale (video game casting director and owner of OMUK) joined Dave on stage to talk about Video Game Voicereels. It was a fascinating discussion about what should and shouldn't be on your voice reels from two top industry professionals. Then everyone enjoyed drinks and networking.

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    The Crackmeister General selects some rather interesting coffees for Autumn roasing aromas at OM HQ. Visitors will enjoy:

    Australia Skybury Bourbon Arabica

    Coffea Arabica belongs to the family Rubiaceae and includes plants such as the Turkey red and sweet woodruff. The coffee plant is native to the African tropics.

    At Skybury Plantation, they grow Bourbon and Katuai varieties of Arabica Coffee.
    A unique coffee wet processing is one of the world's most sophisticated processing methods 'shaping' the flavour of the coffee. Ccombining speed and control taking the bean from field to dry and stabilised in 1 hour (against a world norm of 3 days.)

    A small amount of the mucilage on the beans is left by interrupting the fermentation process. Fermentation is followed by a high speed wash which locks in flavour and allows the bean to absorb the remaining mucilage. When the coffee is roasted, the mucilage 'caramilises' and releases a sweet, chocolatey flavour.

    So short pour espresso with hot full cream milk in a half cup for something special...

    Brazillian Fazenda Vale De Sol

    Altitude 860 - 950 masl
    Preparation Natural
    Location Sul De Minas, The Cerrado, Minas Gerais
    Cup Score 82.75
    Harvest July - September
    Shipment August - February
    Variety Catuai Amarelo
    Owner The Garcia Family

    Located in the mountainous region of Sul De Minas, Fazenda Vale Do Sol is perfectly situated to grow coffee in Brazil. The small 75 hectare farm has been in the Garcia Family since 2008. The Family has a history of three generations of coffee producers initially beginning with Alexandre Garcia Capelo who inspired his son Antonio Wander Garcia to follow in his footsteps and farm coffee studying Agricultural engineering and specifically researching plant reproduction and plant nutrition. This family tradition has followed onto Antonio’s son, André Luiz Alvarenga Garcia who also studied agricultural engineering like his father with particular focus on pruning and production. With this knowledge they now work together on the Fazenda Vale Do Sol with detailed care and attention to create the best growing environment for the coffee trees. They have implemented the use of more organic fertilisers as well as reducing the amount of agrochemicals they use on the crop. Since taking over the farm they have implemented the planting of native fruit trees each year as well as bracharia (a type of grass) and banana plants in between the rows of coffee plants to help maintain the health of the soils and prevent erosion. The farm also uses the practise of cyclical pruning on a 2 or 4 year rotation depending on the climate and the structural condition of the plant. This helps to strengthen the plant and reduces its susceptibility to disease.
    Prior to the Garica Family becoming owners at Fazenda Vale Do Sol, four brothers and their families lived on the farm. It was important to the Garcia Family to look after and these families and respect the history of the farm. The four brothers all work on the day to day running of the farm and their wives are also employed during the harvest to help with the volume of work. Each year the families will also receive a bonus at the end of the harvest once the coffee is sold. As part of their commitment to the families and improving the social conditions on the farm, the workers houses were rebuilt 2009 & 2010 to provide better living conditions. The children living on the farm also receive transportation each day to help them to and from their local school.

    During Harvest the coffee is manually collected when the cherry reaches maturation, this carries on until a point is reached where the majority of cherries reach a point before they become over mature. After this a mechanical harvester is used to strip pick the coffee to ensure a maximum yield. Once picked, the coffee is then laid out on patio’s and turned every hour until 50% moisture is reached. The coffee is then collected in thicker piles to allow it to dry down to 11.5%. The process can last up to 21 days and once dried, it is then stored in wooden hoppers for 20 days to rest and equalise before being hulled and bagged ready for shipment.

    Cup Profile
    Rounded red fruit acidity, milk chocolate and hazlenut.

    Sumatra Mandheling G1

    Full bodied with a rich flavour and low acidity. Sumatra Arabica green coffee beans. Indonesia Mandheling is potent, bittersweet, herbal, and intense ... very intense.

    In the past, Sumatra coffees have not been sold by region, as the regional differences are not so distinct. Rather, the quality of the picking, preparation and processing of the coffee determines much of the cup character in this coffee.

    In fact, Sumatras are sold as Indonesia Mandheling (Mandailing) which is simply the Indonesian ethnic group that was once involved in coffee production (see note below). The coffee is scored by defects in the cup, not physical defects of the green coffee. So a fairly ugly-looking green coffee can technically be called Grade 1 Mandheling.

    Tasting Notes Powerful body, refined acidity, summer fruits, herbal, lime and spice.

    If you think a triple pick coffee, a carefully prepared Sumatra, necessarily loses it's Sumatra intensity, then this Lake Toba lot will disprove that notion.

    This is a pungent, brooding, opaque, full-bore Sumatra. The dry fragrance is intriguingly balanced between sweet and earthy tones, caramel sweetness, pungent notes, and the scent of fresh cut wood at a sawmill. The wet aroma has complex sweetness, bordering on spicy. It has strong chocolate roast tones, with accents of sage and thyme. There's a very intense bittersweetness here too, a bit like butterscotch. I wouldn't call it mossy (a flavour I do not like in Sumatras), but there is something intensely ""foresty"" about this cup; cedar, pine bark, somewhat resinous, with sweet tobacco and a hint of blackberry. The mouthfeel is juicy. There's a dark herbal note a bit like Riccola drops, sage, thyme. The coffee finishes with an strong, heavy-handed baker's chocolate, laced with tobacco and leather. Yes, leather. Allow the coffee to rest after roasting for minimum 24 hours to enjoy the entire effect of the body in this coffee.

    Bolivia Flor De Mayo Arabica Taipiplaya

    "Coffee planted: 1-5 hectares
    Elevation: > 1550 – 1800 MASL
    Number of Varieties planted: Caturra and Catuai Ripe cherry color: Red and Yellow
    Region: Flor de Mayo - Taipiplaya Shade: Native
    Other farm products: citrus fruits Fertilization: No chemicals Processing Method: Washed Washing: Manual
    Fermentation: Wet Fermentation Length: 17 hours Drying time: Raised beds
    Cup Profile Lime, hops, chocolate. A complex coffee with a syrupy body and long aftertaste."

    Dominican Republic Barahona Paraiso

    Dominican Republic The province of Barahona lies in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. Known for its biodiversity, the Barahona region boasts a unique growing climate, year-round rainfall, warm ocean currents, and gentle trade winds create a long growing season. Therefore, the coffee cherries are able to ripen slowly, ensuring consistency and high quality. Its rich, creamy body and low acidity are why many consider it to be the best coffee from the Dominican Republic. Try a medium roast for a luxurious, caffeinated experience.

    mmm coffee :)
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    We have put 10 years into reimagining the recording studio and developing the tech and methodology to produce work for video games this way.

    We are delighted when we introduce actors, directors, developers, and publishers to the power and impact of CDT on recording voice for video games, and they get it.

    Debra's reaction here is priceless and so very affirming of our vision.
    Onward and upward team OM!
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    It is so very rewarding immersing an actor in a game using CDT for the first time. Here we drop the utterly lovely Debra Wilson into Blues and Bullets at Vault 501, and get her reaction. Enjoy! x