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omuk provide comprehensive voice casting, script, directing, post-production, recording, localisation and software design services.

You will find us in central London, a few minutes walk from Kings Cross and Russell Square underground stations.

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke And Mirrors Out Now!

It’s an exciting day for Telltale fans, as the second episode of ‘The Wolf Among Us’, the hotly anticipated continuation of Telltale’s Fables series, has emerged on digital platforms worldwide. OMUK was delighted to provide one of the newly introduced … Continue reading

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    • Wrap Party for an unannounced project at OMUK

      Pirates Pig and Poker
      Wrap Party for an unannounced project at OMUK
    • The Wolf Among Us is all about the #VoiceActing. Making human characters into people is great, and all, but when you can make it feel totally normal to be conversing with a talking toad, you've really done something ... well, magical.

      A scene where Bigby discusses his life choices with an enormous talking pig – one of the Three Little Pigs, no less – should be utterly ridiculous, but thanks to the commitment of the voice actors, it's really quite poignant.

      The Wolf Among Us - 'Faith' Review: Grim fairy tale
      Telltale's The Wolf Among Us has more than a few things in common with the developer's previous game, The Walking Dead. It's episodic in nature, based on a beloved comic book series, presented in distinct visual style, and focused more on character interaction than big action sequences. It is also s...
    • Mark Estdale at the Adventurex 2013 conference discussing Voice Acting in Video Games

      AdventureX 2013
      Mark Estdale über Voice-Acting. — in London, United Kingdom.
      Bilder von der AdventureX in London 2013