What We Do

OMUK - What We Do

We specialise in recording voices for video games.

What sets us apart in the game world is our ground breaking Game Immersive Voice Recording (GIVR) method and our Creative Dialogue Tools (CDT) which enable the recording of truly believable performances for games.

We take a pragmatic, holistic approach, established through 20 years of experience with over 600 titles. It permeates through everything we do, from our work with actors, our technology, pipelines and studio design.

Voice Recording

OMUK - Voice Recording

Although video games are our core business we are geared up to record voices for anything.

We have Airlines, Advertising Agencies, Filmmakers, Museums, Animation Studios, Audio Drama producers, Universities, and many other clients using our fabulous spaces, drinking our wonderful coffee and wielding the occasional sword.

OMUK - Voice Recording

Casting & Directing

OMUK - Casting & Directing

Clients also have access to the largest specifically recorded actor database in the UK.

We provide a comprehensive worldwide casting service. Including full SAG-AFTRA talent signatory services for the US. Casting services include ‘to script’ recorded sessions for voice and filmed casting for MOCAP, facial capture and performance capture.

We have an open submissions policy for actors and agents. We encourage agents and actors who want to find out about our work to email us to organize a date and time to meet the casting team and experience the studios.

Our directing expertise for games is unparalleled. The directing team work on an average of 100 titles a year. They bring decades of liberating skill and experience to every production.

OMUK - Casting & Directing

Facial Capture

OMUK - Facial Capture

All studios are equipped with the latest facial capture systems from Faceshift and Dynamixys. Our service is fast, flexible, actor-friendly and cost effective.

OMUK - Facial Capture

Post Production

OMUK - Post Production

We pride ourselves on delivering super-fast, accurate, efficient, hassle free and cost effective audio. We can handle millions of lines of dialogue in a year. To meet demand we have bullet proof pipelines and quality assurance that helps ease the workload of our clients. We save clients money, shave weeks, even months off their production schedules, all whilst guaranteeing the highest quality.

OMUK - Post Production



GIVR (Game Immersive Voice Recording) is a game changing production methodology that immerses the actor in the game when recording. With GIVR the actor and client see and hear performances fully in context as they are recorded. As a natural byproduct of GIVR you also get detailed contextually correct QA as you create.

CDT (Creative Dialogue Tools) are the software tools that empowers the GIVR methodology.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse was the first UK game to make full use of GIVR & CDT, so we were delighted that it won the 2014 AGGIE for Best Voice Acting.


OMUK - Localisation

Our localisation process is driven by the same creative focus and core values that apply to all our services. Our Creative Localisation Tools (CLT) reflect our ‘Game Immersive’ philosophy, enabling fully context driven translation and recording for all languages.

“We managed to make the impossible possible: a German adventure game that’s better in English than in German. Thank you!” Matt Kempke: Writer and Game Director – Daedalic Entertainment – Night of the Rabbit

With over 20 years experience in all major languages, your game will never get lost in translation.

Consultancy & Training

OMUK - Consultancy & Training

We run specialist workshops for developers, writers, publishers and actors. We host Dev Nights and Actor Nights. Mark also runs specialist video game acting workshops for the world renowned drama schools: RADA, LAMDA and The Drama Centre.

There is a powerful and freeing philosophy behind GIVR & CDT. We do guest lectures and provide both bespoke training and tools for game developers and publishers wanting to achieve the highest standards in voice performance.

OMUK - Consultancy & Training

Swords, Coffee & Bread

OMUK - Swords, Coffee & Bread

Anyone who has visited studios 1 and 2 can’t fail to miss the ‘armoury’ of over 60 swords. Rapiers, Long Swords, Short Swords, Bastard Swords, Cutlasses, Epees, Foils, Basket Hilts from tang to foible. The collection is for sound design and exploring the history of European Martial Arts. Handle with care and hire for authenticity.

The studio has become a renowned coffee lovers’ hangout and for good reason. We have our own roastery. Every day starts with a roast and tasting. It’s a passion, shared and enjoyed. Choose from a selection of over fifty single estate green beans from the world’s finest coffee growing regions but be warned, like tasting a great wine, once sampled there’s no going back to mediocrity… which of course is just like working with us.

We also now make our own fresh bread daily. What ever will we conquer next?

OMUK - Swords, Coffee & Bread