Mark Estdale

I had the enormous privilege of growing up alongside mentors who were inventors and innovators who questioned everything. I inherited their fearless bug and OM is the result. The vision for OM was to establish ways to help actors perform at the peak of their ability in games. Little did I know it would take me into the world of spies, into psychology, software design, teaching, dramaturgy and redesigning recording studios ground up. I love the journey and the team. In my down time I write, walk, cook, brew, scuba dive, modify motorcycles, experiment with improv and ideas for eco living, and I hug my family whenever I can.

OMUK Team Member: Mark Estdale

Rachel Lankester

Rachel joined the OM executive team in 2010. She plays a key role in OM business strategy. Rachel has an MBA and studied Chinese. She lived and worked in Beijing during the Tienanmen Square protests and moved to New York and then to London working in the city in communications, listing international corporations before escaping to follow her creative dreams. Rachel is a polyglot who can chat happily with 3/4 of the world. She's a writer, runner, cyclist, podcaster and the founder of the online magazine The Mutton Club.

OMUK Team Member: Rachel Lankester

Sasha James

After spending 10 years as a manager in the book industry Sasha made the leap to games and OM to take on a major casting coordination role, she quickly proved her value and now is immersed in the joys of production logistics. Sasha spends her spare time reading and reviewing translated fiction, gaming and training some rather handsome guinea pigs.

OMUK Team Member: Sasha James

Megan Clarke

Née Rice. Meg does magic with the production team looking after clients, actors and productions alike. She's supremely organised and energised and has thrown herself into a life of brightly coloured spreadsheets! Meg is lifelong gamer who joined the industry whilst training as a game artist. She found a niche in supporting game developers and businesses, enabling them to be more creative and grow. After working in both indie development and publishing, Meg ran a co-working space for indie dev's and startups; with the aim of helping investors find the bright stars of the future. From there Meg joined Ukie, the UK Games Industry's premiere trade organisation, supporting over 400 games companies as well as running the “Ukie Students” programme. In her spare time she is a horror games podcaster with her partner and giant dog. Check it out: Ludo malevolence.

OMUK Team Member: Megan Clarke

Julie Angel

Julie has the world's first PhD in Parkour. She's a filmmaker and health and movement tour de force. Search her out to see the amazing things she gets up to when she's not capturing some of the finest footage for animators to make their digital creations come to life.

OMUK Team Member: Julie Angel


Chief Morale Officer

Ciri is Meg's 8 year old German Shepherd and our studio beasty. She'll follow you from room to room providing moral support and cuddles in exchange for belly rubs. She grunts, whines and huffs but never borks. She loves carrots and chicken nuggets. 10/10 doggo.

OMUK Team Member: Ciri