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We’re in Los Angeles

We’re delighted to announce that we have opened our first studio in Los Angeles. The studio known as ‘Vault 501‘ is five blocks from the Santa Monica beach.

Vault 501 is the first Game Immersive Voice Recording (GIVR) facility in North America and as such it is a showcase space for both GIVR and Creative Dialogue Tools. CDT is the software that enables the GIVR methodology.

Vault 501 has an open door policy. G…

The OMUK Armoury Expands

As visitors to our Pakenham Street studio are aware, OMUK plays host to a large sword collection, for both authentic sound design & historical interest. Recently, we made the decision to reorganize this collection, with team members taking it upon themselves to construct a rack and secure the swords in a variety of locations. We used some environmental ingenuity too, recycling magnets from the hard drive graveyard to hold the swords in pl…

Gamescom 2014

We’re at Gamescom in Cologne next week 13th to 15th August. We’ve  a fabulous array of titles at the show this year, new tech and our party hats on. It would be great to see you there.

Tropico 5 Coming This Year

The team at OMUK are delighted to have collaborated with Kalypso Media on the upcoming Tropico 5. We provided casting, voice direction and voice recording for the return of El Presidente, and this trailer speaks for the fun we had bringing him to life.

Great reception at GDC for Creative Dialogue Tools (CDT)

CDT got described as “the Holy Grail of game dialogue”. Not a bad start to GDC 2013. The tools don’t look sexy but what they do is orgasmic.  Of course we agree seeing we’ve invested almost 15 years in their development.

For those who don’t know, one thing they do is that they help transform the recording studio into a fluid creative space.  For performance to work context is everything; get it wrong and …

Develop Magazine’s Will Freeman at OM London …a new model for talent direction is evolving.

We were featured in the January 2012 issue of Develop Magazine. The article titles  "Direct Action"  scratches the surface of the methods we’ve been developing to empower directors, studios and actors in producing truly subtle, real and connected dialogue for video games.  It is one thing to talk about what we’re doing, but the nicest thing about  the work we’re doing is that results always speak…

Voice in computer games – introduction workshop

PANeK Presents: An introduction to acting in the non-linear narrative world of video games. The session will look at the games industry, the impact that games do and will have on other areas of dramatic art, the opportunities for the actor, voice performance in games and the seeming conflicts between preparing for a theatre role and a game role.

The session will be led by Mark Estdale – the UK’s most experienced voice produc…

“Driver San Francisco is the best game no-one is talking about”

Another great review. "Driver: SF seems like it’s a crime game but the little dialogue moments that occur when you possess random cars on the roads of San Francisco turn it into this wonderful celebration of our quotidian experiences on the road. And yet how profound and emotional moments those are… it sounds so right, so jarring, so funny and sometimes so sad all at once to hear the rage, the hysteria…

OM at Gamescom 2011

OM are exhibiting at the leading European games exhibition, Gamescom this year. It’s two years since we were last in Colgone and we’re excited to be meeting up with all our European clients and partners again. If you’d like to meet up while the show is on please get in touch at or come along to Hall 4.2 Stand J051a.